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Last Updated: March 27, 2012
Reading today’s financial markets can be nearly impossible. It’s just too hard to stay focused on so many micro-trends to be accurate enough to be profitable, especially in a volatile market. That is why the big professional traders use computer software.

Up until recently, however, having access or getting the licensing rights to trading software was off-the-charts expensive. It seemed that every time, professional trading firms all had an inherent advantage over smaller, private investors. But things have certainly changed in the last decade.

Luckily, software development has never been easier. And creating powerful, accurate, and relevant trading software is now possible – and even better, it’s finally affordable to the "average Joe" trader.

It’s no secret that it’s been tough for many people and smaller investors. Even the seasoned experts can’t agree on what to invest in. Everything seems so uncertain, except that many agree that real estate isn’t the best place to put our money in right now and that the best place for growth is still in foreign exchange markets.

We have personally seen people successfully use forex software systems to accurately predict market movement, but which one programs and robots work? Which Forex systems really deliver beyond the hype?

We decided to review and test several forex robot programs and come up with the very best, - the very top forex robot program out there. We weeded through many hyped sales pitches and promises to find only one that delivered results.

In our effort to find the best automated Forex program, our criteria were:

  • ROI – It had to deliver outstanding Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Dependable and accurate – Did it accurately predict the winners and losers in a live market?
  • Ease of Use – Was the program easy to download, upload and use?
Forex MegaDroid Review

Rating 9.5/10

Ease of Use

"The Best Forex Robot for Intermediate-Level Investors..."

Out of the seven top Forex programs we found that Forex Megadroid delivered the best results for traders that had some experience, and was far and away the most accurate.

What clearly and quickly becomes evident in using this robot is that the creators of this software program actually have real world trading experience. Trust us, we have seen many various forex programs in our time – all created by great marketers. They all were horrible. Why? Because they probably didn’t have much real-life trading experience, and that is reflected in their software.

Forex Megadroid just feels like a better quality robot than the rest of the forex programs out there, and that’s simply because it really is. With nearly four decades of experience, these seasoned traders have been able to capitalize on what they know has been a common problem for many forex programs in the past: the inability to deliver accurate results in a live multi-market environment. For the most part, Forex Megadroid solves this problem.

During our testing, the Forex Megadroid program effectively and accurately works in a multi-conditioned market. Of course, developing such an adaptable program for any market condition is essential for your success and for profitability, right? Where other robots failed, this program delivered. Here, Forex Megadroid gave us impressive numbers on our ROI.

The few weeks we tested this program out, the markets were especially volatile because of several European countries were battling a potential default on IMF loans. Domestic and international markets everywhere were in a tailspin. Local economies effected regional and global outlook was affected, which created many jitters in the market. The Forex Megadroid showed its metal here, delivering accurate adjustments and profitability.

The last and probably the highest barrier for many would be the ease of use of the robot. After all, once you download it, you just want something to be able to be uploaded and work on its own, right? The ability to be easily set up and administer is what stops people from using many forex robots or programs. Here again, Forex Megadroid did an outstanding job.

Does it have a downside? Not every computer program is perfect, but this one comes close in doing what it is supposed to do, and we were very pleased with the results. Overall, Forex Megadroid displayed its ability to work well in a live multi-market scenario and did so consistently.

The Verdict: Delivered impressive ROI, highly accurate, and an easy-to-use forex robot.

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